Derived n-plectic geometry towards non-perturb. BV-BFV quantisation & M-theory

Talk at the conference M-Theory and Mathematics: classical and quantum aspects

15th January 2023

 Classical BFV-BV theory as derived n-plectic geometry

Seminar at Global Diffeology Seminar Series

2nd December 2022

Slides - Extended geometry from higher geometry (2021).pdf

Higher Quantum Geometry and Global String Duality

Seminar at Geometry, Topology & Physics Seminar, New York University Abu Dhabi

16th February 2022

Slides - Extended geometry from higher geometry (2021).pdf

Extended geometry from higher geometry

Gong show at Higher Structures in QFT and String Theory 

13th July 2021

Towards an extended/higher correspondence – generalised geometry, bundle gerbes and global T-duality

Seminar at University of Hertfordshire

12th May 2021

Global Double Field Theory and tensor hierarchy


Higher geometric aspects of global Double Field Theory

Seminar at Exceptional Geometry Seminar Series

28th August 2020

Slides - Potsdam (2020).pdf

Global Double Field Theory is Higher Kaluza-Klein Theory

Global Double Field Theory as gerbe geometry